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The present invention discloses a universal scrapping handling system and self-grooming stick that is designed to assist the user in scrapping and removing unnecessary hair from the body. The stick comprises soft nylon plastic brush fibers or bristle positioned at one end of the device and disposable conventional razor at the other end connected by brush handle. Other components are made of polypropene and are housed in between the brush and razor. Whereas the brush fibre is fixed to the brush cup, the razor is attached to the razor holder cup which is connected to a silicon razor holder that supports the razor with the aid of a locking button at the rear end of the stick. The razor holder is crafted to rotate 125 degrees from the centre to the left and right hand sides to maximize the efficiency of the razor that is utilized in removing unnecessary hair from the body.

Universal Scrapping Handling System and Self-Grooming Stick

  • Grooming includes the things that you do to make your appearance clean and neat, for example brushing your hair, or the things that you do to keep an animal's hair or fur clean and neat: She pays great attention to make-up, grooming and clothes. Over time people have practiced daily self-care activities to keep them clean and hygiene. Its invention date with Swauger family (boys josh and Zach) initially starting with Swauger's homemade vision in or around 2012 when 1st homemade version was created by them. Kurt created this product once his boys said they would no longer shave the three hairs irritated him on his back – where he simply could not reach. So, he needed some sort of arm extension that would hold a razor and then also be able to adjust razor and blade to different angles for shaving in that awkward position. It stared at that time with Tape, a wooden ruler, and a disposal razor, it grew into tape, a back scrubber, and the wheel part of a protractor (which got the angles).

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